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Familiar Faces

Remzi Yılmaz's fourth solo exhibition, Familiar Faces opened at Barın Han on Tuesday, 2 April 2024, World Autism Awareness Day, at 5 pm.Familiar Faces becomes an act of storytelling based on certain metaphorical themes of everyday life and popular images. While the main themes of this narrative are women, friends, monsters and animals, the fairy tale hero Alaaddin is the main discourse of the artist. The artist transforms his life experience into a practice of continuous production, emphasising that art can be used as a means of expression and communication. While producing, Yılmaz enters into a dialogue with people, objects or heroes, telling his own fairy tale.-Do you like fairy tales, Remzi?-Yes, I do.02.04.2024 – 04.05.2024salı – cumartesi / tuesday...

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A bus full of friends

High school has been both a challenge and an exciting journey for Remzi. As in the elementary school, he wasn't the popular one at the beginning. He had also difficulties following classes and getting along with friends. However, Remo has been a milestone. When Remzi founded his brand with his brother, he started to be known among his schoolmates. Going to a fine arts high school, his brand swiftly became a followed one by the school. As Remo grew, Remzi became more and more popular and got new friends. Suddenly, the autistic boy became a popular artist owning his own brand at the age of 15. Remo opened his first exhibition in 2016 in Ankara, where Remzi lives. All the...

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Autism=Human Vol.Ist

"Is it possible to talk without talking?"  You won't watch it, you will experience it!  10-19 May/Mayıs 2018  Ham:m Bomonti ISTANBUL * Autism=Human opens doors to a world, which is as far as we think and as close as we have never thought. While experiencing the exhibition, the audience faced a style, formed by the complicated structure of autism, a unique formation of mysteries, which happens during the process of brain function and the expression of these. When Remo’s drawings and sculptures are examined carefully, these forms can be interpreted as inherent or mythical expressions. With the continuous excitement of expression with this narrative style and its application on his outstanding drawings and the ceramic forms, it is more than...

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