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As a person born and raised in Ankara, Remzi has created an Ankara Edition for his friends who live here. We hope you enjoy it!

The capital of Türkiye, Ankara shines out with its many significant beauties. One of which is Anıtkabir, built for the remembrance of the founder of the modern Republic of Türkiye and the father of the Turkish nation, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Built in 1986, Atakule is one of the other landmarks of Ankara and takes the lead of the series with two interpretations created by Remzi. The symbol of the historic Anatolian civilisation Hittities, the Hittit Deer shines through the perspective of Remzi. Last but not least Remzi drew the swan of the Swan Park located in Tunalı Hilmi Street in Ankara, right where life is vibrant and always has been.

Dimensions: 50x70cm